5 Years of Club Soda Records – Free Album Giveaway

To celebrate our 5th birthday, we have teamed up with renowned bass blog Fat Kid on Fire to bring you a free 12-track album, featuring the best of the label. Not only is it free but there’s enough high-grade bass-heavy dance tunes on here to sink a small battleship. Featuring two track each from the artists whose music we’ve released over the years, plus some very exciting new additions to the Club Soda family, you can hear all the tunes and grab the individual WAVs from Fat Kid’s Soundcloud page below, or grab the whole album, in MP3 format, from this link:

5 Years of Club Soda Records – free 12-track album download (mp3s)

You’ll be able to read a little more about the artists who’ve contributed and their tracks over the coming weeks on our blog.