• funkystepz


    Undoubtedly Club Soda’s biggest signing to date, Funkystepz emerged out of the UK Funky scene in the late noughties, alongside fellow luminaries like Roska, Champion and Cooly G, making their name with a couple of stellar releases on Hyperdub.

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  • woozee


    He makes drum n bass under his Focal Shift moniker, but garage is still where his focus lies. With this in mind, Woozee presents an exclusive mix for Club Soda Records, blending some of the choicest UK Garage cuts into over an hour of bumpin’ vibes.

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  • hollowlegs

    Hollow Legs

    His first release for Club Soda, Grillin’ Me, delivers a package of swirling portamento synths, clattering percussion and whetted bass tones, baring flecks of bass, grime and garage intriguingly rolled out at an unhurried house tempo.

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  • parjo


    Always a disciple of the low-end, parjo01 turned to bass-heavy electronica when a long-standing love affair with reggae and dancehall dovetailed with the emerging sound of the London club scene in the late-noughties.

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  • mark_makes_noise


    Mark was raised on a diet of rock and grunge, steering well clear of the clublands of the capital, until a brush with Caspa’s remix of TC’s Where’s My Money pointed him in the direction of dubstep and bass music.

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  • narco


    His debut EP for Club Soda Records – Seeing you Miserable Makes me Feel Alive (out October 2012) – is an intriguing walk through the post-dubstep landscape, taking in UK garage, bass music, ambient.

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  • guyhans

    Guy Haans

    Born to a Tascam 250 four track tape machine, Some call him the second variety, some call him a droid of disco; Guy Haans describes his music as the sounds the vending machines listen to when no one is around.

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  • manyminds

    Many Minds

    The London trio take their influence from a wide range of genres; their sound spans a mix of trip-hop and garage to dubstep and folk, with many a nod to their shared love of Hip Hop.

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