Hollow Legs

Hollow_Legs_LogoFollowing the success of parjo01’s ‘Shadows’, Club Soda’s 2nd release of 2014 comes courtesy of  Hollow Legs – one third of the Edinburgh based trio  Frequent Flyers.

Having released on Slime, Discotech and Hot N Heavy Recordings as Frequent Flyers, Hollow Legs cut his teeth on the Edinburgh club scene, a place which has had a strong influence on the future garage community. Alongside compatriots like DFRNT, Mr Beeb, Blnd!, Fault Lines and many others, Frequent Flyers made glacial, arresting soundscapes built on the foundations of UK garage and drum n bass but on a deliberately skewed tip. Now relocated to Australia, the more temperate climes have not put a dent in Hollow Legs’ dark-bass vision. His first release for Club Soda, Grillin’ Me,  delivers a package of swirling portamento synths, clattering percussion and whetted bass tones, baring flecks of bass, grime and garage intriguingly  rolled out at an unhurried house tempo.


Before that though, there was this. For more of his original pieces and remixes, head over to his soundcloud page.

Doesn’t Mean A Thing [Unsigned] by Hollow Legs