Many Minds


Formed at the Sound Bunker studio in West London, Many Minds are a collective comprising Dan DNA (Producer, Emcee) Mister Frendo (Hip Hop DJ/producer) and Muddy Brown (Dubstep DJ/Producer). Like their geographical musical forebears, the London trio take their influence from a wide range of genres; their sound spans a mix of trip-hop and garage to dubstep and folk, with many a nod to their shared love of Hip Hop.

The latest tracks – Vipers and Thermonuclear War (Pre & Post Apocalypse) reside in a Sci-Fi Soundclash parallel world, where wars are fought with speakers. This release on Club Soda Records is a glimpse into the future of Many Minds. Follow the journey at

many minds photo4Biggest musical influence? Records

Define the many minds sound: different

What’s your favourite cheesy meat? A homemade cheeseburger

What piece of equipment in the studio couldn’t you do without?The speakers, not because they are KRK RP8’s, just because we don’t like making tunes on headphones.

All time favourite 3 records: Frendo – my favourites change every week. Dan – I agree

Currently listening to: a Mister Frendo mixtape from September 2009

Favourite film: John Carpenters’ The Fog

Best hangout in london: The Sound Bunker

What’s the capital city of west london? Ermm… Shepherd’s Bush?

Hip-Hop line on your grave stone: Frendo – ‘Hip-Hop’s dead’. Dan – ‘if my name aint in the book of life, I’m snuffing St. Peter’

What should citizens do in the event of thermo-nuclear war? First, they must STOP. Then, proceed immediately to their nearest sound bunker and RECORD, then PLAY. Finally, give it a rewind.