MarkMakesNoise2013’s first addition to the Club Soda fam – 18-year-old Northern Irish producer Mark Newell, AKA MarkMakesNoise.

Like many young soul brothers from the province, Mark was raised on a diet of rock and grunge, steering well clear of the clublands of the capital, until a brush with Caspa’s remix of TC’s Where’s My Money pointed him in the direction of dubstep and bass music. Gradually eschewing the more frenetic side of the genre for the deeper, dreader side of things via artists like Compa, Distance and Mala, he arrived at his first release on Club Soda Records – Just Because/Temples: 2 no-nonsense sub-heavy 140 dubs built for the sound-system.

Also dabbling in progressive house and drum n bass, there is undoubtedly plenty more to come from Mark. His first release comes as a free download to kick things off for us in 2013. Head over to our releases page to grab it.