narcopicSo enigmatic is the latest addition to the Club Soda stable, he rarely even speaks to us. Rumours abound in his native Italy of his current whereabouts and behaviour. A particularly gratuituous recent story alluded to a broken man with a penchent for obese transgender prostitutes dressed as retired Dutch footballers from the 1990s. A kinder rumour has him living a reclusive existence somewhere in central Europe, hunting for new music, procrastinating and trying to get into the Guiness Book of World Records for the longest ever song title. While we’re in no position to confirm or deny these rumours, we can instead point you towards his prolific musical output, eagerly received by a sizeable soundcloud following. His debut EP for Club Soda Records – Seeing you Miserable Makes me Feel Alive (out October 2012) – is an intriguing walk through the post-dubstep landscape, taking in UK garage, bass music, ambient and even a touch of euphoric 90s rave.


Narcofunk – Haute Volta (15.10.87) by Club Soda Records