woozeeJohn Seiles, aka Woozee made his name as one half of Mista Men, alongside Mella Dee, who started tearing up dancefloors towards the end of the first decade of this milennium. The Doncaster duo were at the forefront of the baseline scene that came out of south Yorkshire, holding residencies at various clubs in the area and gaining plaudits for their production skills. At a time where garage was descending into a maelstrom of ghostly pads and unloveable ambience,  Mista Men got the nod from the likes of FACT and Blackdown for making tunes with the focus firmly on the dancefloor. In his solo work, Woozee has kept to the same philosophy, as he puts it “I’m trying to capture what dance music is to me, slightly dark and bumpy with a good groove and a bit of rawness that will get people dancing, not chin stroking”.

Having released on Cheap Thrills and Car Crash Set, Woozee stepped up for Club Soda Records with his Fine Without You EP, which gained DJ support from the likes of Todd Edwards, Shadow Child, Roska and Kry Wolf to name a few, whilst gaining critical acclaim in the press for its 90s rave vibes coupled with garage gladdening stabs n shuffle.

Starting out as a jungle DJ, Woozee draws inspiration from a diffuse range of influences: early Detroit techno, liquid drum n bass, UK Garage and quintessential 80s pop. He makes drum n bass under his Focal Shift moniker, but garage is still where his focus lies. With this in mind, Woozee presents an exclusive mix for Club Soda Records, blending some of the choicest UK Garage cuts into over an hour of bumpin’ vibes. Grab it below: